PNNL will apply the Biomass Assessment Tool (BAT) to provide a modeling framework to assess algal biofuel production performance against regional and national production targets and associated resource requirements, availability, and sustainability.


Climate Simulated Culturing

Validation of the BAT Pond and Growth Models at each Test Bed

Regional/National Production Assessments

Comprehensive Trade-off Analyses

Technical and Management Expertise of Project Team                                 

Dan Anderson
Program Manger

  • Senior Project Manager for a number of DOE, DHS and industrial programs & projects
  • NAABB Operations and Executive Team
  • Commercial algal cultivation, VP- Director of Product Development, Cyanotech

Richard Skaggs
Modeling Director

  • Program manager EERE’s Biomass Program to assess water resource management requirements for sustainable biofuel production
  • Lead for development of DOE IAF and BAT models for comprehensive assessment of algal biomass production in US
  • NAABB modeling task lead for GIS base algal biomass resource model

Michael Huesemann
Sequim Test Bed Lead

  • Staff Research Engineer led development of predictive alga productivity model and environmental simulated culture systems
  • NAABB Cultivation Lead
  • Expertise in environmental and marine biotechnology