The AgriLife Research RAFT testbed, located in Pecos, TX is the largest of the RAFT testbeds with a diverse set of cultivation capabilities for scale experimentation, large scale biomass production and processing capabilities to harvest biomass and recycle media.  As a RAFT testbed, it will use a set of eight medium raceways (MR) for long-term growth studies with various treatment replicates.  In addition, the AgriLife Research Testbed will also scale-up production of selected strains in the 7,500L production pondsas part of their R&D effort in the second year.  AgriLife research also will provide expertise in the development of low cost media formulations and operational methods to reduce costs and maintain stable high productivity cultures.


Technical and Management Expertise of Project Team                                 

Lou Brown
Pecos Testbed Lead


  • Professor and Resident Director of Texas AgriLife Research and Extension/Project Manager
  • NAABB large scale testbed manager
  • Managed outdoor team for 5 years to cultivate algae at large scale

Shay Simpson
Associate Director

Bioenergy Program and Corporate Relations